We harness the power of tech and enterprise to create micro-ventures that ensure everyone has the right to live and love freely.

Who we are

Extraqueericular is a LGBTQ-owned and operated social enterprise innovating new ways to meet the changing and unique needs of our community. As a social enterprise, our mission is to support Non-governmental Organisations (NGO) that are advocating for the rights of and providing wellbeing services to LGBT+ people in the 35 Commonwealth countries where being LGBT is criminalised. You can read more about our social mission and ways you can get involved here. Our constitution is available here.

What we do


We are community driven and tech enabled. We engage with the community to identify pain points, then test and design initiatives and enterprises that address them. We call it community innovation.


We partner with LGBT+ organisations to explore ways to make a wider impact. We also make it easier for the community to connect by offering an online marketplace enabling the members to buy and sell LGBT-friendly accommodation, services, and event tickets.


We support human rights changemakers and trailblazers while blazing a few of our own.

Our programmes

Online community marketplace

Buy and sell LGBT-friendly events, services, and accommodation in our online marketplace.

Digital services

We provide a range of digital services and training in website development, digital security, and more.

Community Hours

Every month we offer 4 hours of free website maintenance and training to LGBT+ organisations.